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About Us

The Clifton Steamboat Museum opened its doors on October 26, 1995 with construction beginning in the earlier months of 1994. The theme of the museum is "Heroes...Past, Present and Future," and honors our military and civilian heroes.

David W. Hearn, Jr., founder of the Clifton Steamboat Museum, was interested in history, and, for many years, collected artifacts and reference material for a museum. Mr. Hearn fondly remembered his trip with his grandfather, H.J. Clifton, Sr., to see the Clifton's walking beam at the Port of Beaumont in 1936. This is where his love of history began. Later Mr. Hearn decided that constructing the Clifton Steamboat Museum would be the perfect way to honor his grandparents, who are his heroes.

The Clifton Steamboat Museum was dedicated to H.J. Clifton, Sr. and Effie Phillips Clifton, the Grandparents of David W. Hearn, Jr. An exhibit in the museum houses the Clifton's bedroom furniture. This furniture was the property of H.J. Clifton, Sr. and Effie Phillips Clifton, the grandparents of David W. Hearn, Jr. The Clifton's were married in 1904, and they acquired the furniture around that time. The furniture has been refinished and restored to resemble its original color and finish. The room was built to resemble the shape of the Clifton's original bedroom, as remembered by Mr. Hearn. The furnishings and many of the smaller items are part of the original Clifton household.

The Clifton Steamboat Museum is located at 8727 Fannett Rd, Beaumont, Texas.

Tours and Banquet Facilities are available. Please call 409-842-3162 for more information.

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